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Feather earrings. Abundance of necklaces. Dress that was once a staple part of the Adams’ family dining room set? Hair that looks ‘crispy’ to the touch?

Ke$ha right? WRONG!

It’s a Disney child star more famous for infuriating America’s parents with her transition to raunchy popstar. She can often be seen out and about in LA in white tank top and denim hotpants because deep at heart, she is still a good ol’ Southern gal.

Oh it’s Britney? WRONG AGAIN.

Miley Cyrus, it’s ok that you want to be a big girl. Just stop trying to be other big girls.

Yuk yukkety yuk yuk. Not to be outdone by Princess Andre’s fake eyelashes and Suri Cruise’s red lipstick, 12-year old Noah Cyrus has decided to try and out-jailbait them. She can be seen trawling her under-developed wares all up and down red carpets in La La Land.

Is it ok to be mean about a child if said child looks like something you would find in a dubious Thai bar? I give her kudos though, most of us are about 16 by the time we realise that a ‘costume’ is basically an automatic be-as-slutty-as-you-want pass because you have the instant defense of ‘I am like totally dressed up yeah?’

I guess its not her fault, I mean most girls idolise their big sister (look how Lohan 2.0 is turning out?!). And if your big sister just happens to be pole-dancing, nekkid in Vanity Fair posing, saucy photo snap happy Miley Cyrus what hope do you have. (I’m not going to for legal shiz but if you Google image her you can enjoy repulsion and pity in equal measures at the pictures she has taken of her little skeleton splashed all over the place).

Barely, barely legal? When I was that age I thought stockings were what Santa put presents in.