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In a completely UNRELATED turn of events, Peeedar has been mouthing off about his sex life, mere hours before his new single was released.

His new song Defender seems to be getting a good reception – well, I say that, most gossip blogs are saying that they don’t hate it, which is a major coup for the Aussie singer. And whether you are Team Pete or Team Katie, you can’t deny it is better than Mrs Reid’s recent effort Free To Love Again, which is straight out a drag cabaret from the depths of hell.

But did we really need to know that he had been down under in down under with a woman called Angela Mogridge, who worked with the former-couple when they appeared on I’m a Celebrity in a Sunday tabloid this week?

I find it REALLY hard to digest his ‘keeping-my-dignity-for-the-sake-of-my kids-holier-than-thou-and-by-thou-I-mean-you-Katie-Price-you-heathen’ act, especially when you look at the equation ‘single x publicity รท waning interest in constant assaults on the charts = start talking about Little Pete’s adventures?’

Nice try Pete

I’ll see that nice hair and raise you those corsages. In Oscars Fashion Poker there can only be one winner. YOU! You get to sit on a sofa in jeans slating women that haven’t eaten for weeks, have sequins and corset bones cutting off their circulation, and have spent months preparing for that one picture that will grace glossy pages worldwide.

And all it takes is one blink, a retubed sunbed, or even one guy in penguin suit who doesn’t realise this is your moment and ruins it by standing in the background, to bring the whole thing crashing down like John Mayers stock.

Jordan/Katie Price/Katie Reid/the devil incarnate (if we are to believe Peter ‘Insania’ Andre) rocked up to Elton’s Oscars bash yesterday looking… nice?!. Chignon was a welcome change from her ‘yes, I can afford 6 months of your wages in hair extensions’ flowing locks, and the dress itself is a nice colour and cut. A little radioactive on the epidermis side, and the flowers are slightly Art Attack but on the whole I think most bitchy journalists are forgetting whose party she was going to- an OAP Lord gaga with more camp than Auschwitz.

Peter Andre, who has spent the past ten months bleating about waiting to meet someone special in the age-old boyband tactic to fan the flames of fat fans’ burning loins, has been Busted. Take That Katie Price! (sorry couldn’t resist).

Some attractive-after-ten-pints stylist (who also happens to get her goodies out part-time) wanted to set the record straight (and get a big fat paycheck) and was straight onto the News of the World about their three-month fling.

The details of the fling, which are too retch-inducing/cheesy to be reprinted here do sound like Peter Andre. Sade albums, chocolate body oil, candles. Pepe le Pew chic.

Cue a thousand housewives and tweenagers with broken hearts/copies of Peter Andre ‘Unconditional Love Songs’.