I didn’t know niceness was an addiction?

Posted on: June 21, 2010

I guess most people probably would need a few drinks if they lost their first love to a certain pint-sized Scientologist with a penchant for jumping on Ikea’s finest.

Chris Klein of American Pie fame (?) has entered rehab after his rep admitted he had an alcohol problem. The smiley-star has clocked up two drink-driving charges in six years – which I have to admit is pretty tame by the high standards for debauchery in H’wood. If he had been caught drink-driving while snorting a line of oxycontin off Lindsay Lohan’s belly while shouting anti-semitic comments then we could maybe get our shock on.

Come on Chris, go really tits- swing round Casa Cruise and jump all over their furnishings, burn all the stacked loafers, piss on the Scientology books. Just leave Suri’s wardrobe be!

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