I spoke too soon. Alexa’s gender issues have NOTHING on what/whoever this is

Posted on: April 30, 2010

Did Sinead O’Connor and someone from Alice in Chains have a illegitimate love child? Agyness Deyn clearly took the phrase ‘you’re so gorgeous you could carry ANY look off’ and decided to see just how far she could push it. Like she lay awake at night and thought ‘what’s the extreme for this? shave me ‘ead and dress like a lad from t’90s? That’ll ding dang do’ (she’s from Yorkshire you see).

Surely she should have started on the hormones first before she started the transition? Without the stubble and chest hair it just looks weird. In her defence, she certainly stands out. Especially when all the girls around her here look like they came to the party dressed as the Hamburglar.

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