Michelle McGTF makes half-assed apology to Sa-Bull

Posted on: April 14, 2010

In a move that would have me leaping over her stripper pole to scratch that nasty-ass tattoo off her face, Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee (although I’m more inclined to call her Bombscare) has said SORRY to Sandra Bullock.

‘I want to give her a heartfelt apology. I feel like I was lied to just as much as she was. If Jesse was upfront with me in the beginning, we wouldn’t be in this situation’

The fact that Sandra is IN HIDING – when she should be basking in her post-Oscar bliss – while you sell your soul to 60 Minutes for a fraction of what a OSCAR-WINNING star could command means that you should be more than sorry. You should go crawl back under whatever rock you emerged from and leave husbands alone.

Although the men are the main problem, these moral-less, facilitating skanks are responsible too. Sort of like the men are the cavity, the skanks are the sugar- it’s just a shame for the teeth…

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