Peaches and her frankly disappointing peaches

Posted on: April 6, 2010

The Geldof household must have all the vim and vigour of a Boomtown Rats reunion gig this week after Peaches’ nekkid pictures have been passed around quicker than her last joint. The sloppily-captured pics showed just how talented the photoshoppers at Ultimo lingerie really are because that advertising campaign look as much like the real Peaches as Tiger Woods does. One thing I do know is she was NOT taking heroin that night. And why do I know this? Because Eli Roth (her Mr Right-now) took to his Myspace blog to defend her.

WTF! You are the hugely famous Eli Roth- screenwriter and movie star! (although Peaches’ ‘squint and gurn for the camera’ efforts look like something out 28 Days Later so I guess that’s what gets him off). You are not her latest skinny jeans wearing/guyliner loving/premature ejaculating indie boy, get a grip! In an open letter to the mother of boy who sold the pictures, he airs all their dirty laundry, calls her a bad mother and generally slams the whole situation.

Peaches- you are NOT helping the ‘daddy issues’ argument by getting your much-older boyfriend (his 37 to her 21) to tell on one of your snap-happy one night stands TO HIS MOTHER.

What’s that? You want to see the pictures? WARNING- these pics may cause body confidence (I certainly felt pretty damn good after viewing them).

Peaches Nekkid Pics!!

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