Papa don’t preach- Liability Lohan vs. her dad

Posted on: April 6, 2010

I often find the best way to have all arguments with my parents is through universally-viewable social networking sites. I also find the best time to take to said social networking sites is 5am after a nice relaxing night of falling into exotic plants and drunk-dialling old girlfriends.

So that’s why I like Lindsay Lohan. She is like an American equivalent of Kerry Katona, in that she has the classic ‘can’t live with you/can’t live without you’ relationship with the press. She recently took to her Twitter with wisdom that would have Confucius confused, ‘tired and emotional’ rambles about people hurting her like Papa  Lohan had. Cue Papa Lohan going on the mother (or father?) of all rants which I don’t even have the energy to regurgitate (www.twitter.com @MichaelJLohan and @lindsaylohan)

Lindsay Lohan should be allowed to do what she wants. She should move to Glasgow. Here no-one would bat an eyelid if she was slithering up and down the town dribbling on herself and shouting incoherently. Jumping Jacks would fling open its doors and pop a bottle of Lambrini specially for her.

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