Sandra should chop his Bullocks off

Posted on: March 20, 2010

This has gone FAR, FAR too far. I think I preferred it when everyone was jumping on the prescription drug bandwagon (although I see there are still stragglers C.Haim). Are literally ALL men lying, cheating, good-for-nothing, lowlife, adulterous, coniving, skank-loving RATS?!

The phrase ‘why would they go out for a burger when there’s steak at home’ is bullshit. Men are clearly just greedy gluttenous bastards. Forget burger, imagine being a rich, gorgeous, successful ‘steak’ and having your man run off for something out the reduced section in Farmfoods!

Sandra Bullock should be on top of the world. She has just won an Oscar. After a lifetime playing the cute-yet-goofy heroine she finally got her moment to shine. And then her husband shat on it with a neo-nazi heavily tattooed ‘model’.

I don’t hate men. Nor do I want to make this into a ‘adultery-watch’ blog. But celebritard men need to stop making it so friggin easy!

1 Response to "Sandra should chop his Bullocks off"

I think what upsets me the most is he is an ugly bastard. Whats more, where has unity amongst the girls gone? The girl he did the dirty with should be strung up too.

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