Too many clowns not enough circuses

Posted on: March 17, 2010

ATTENTION ALL CELEBRITY MEN! Your goodies will not suffocate if you keep them in your pants when out the house.

Yet another week, another adulterous prat has been exposed. Mark Owen, formerly the nicest man in pop music, has kiss & told on himself?! He was all up in the front cover of the Sun this week, admitting to being your garden-variety cheating rat. I utterly refuse to buy into any of these ‘addict’ cards that famous men are playing more than their wives. ‘I’m a sex addict’, ‘I’m a drunk’. Addiction is a serious disease, however when people like Mark Owen cheat on their partners upwards of ten times – only admitting it when they are caught – can it be a legitimate excuse?  Since when did the Sun/Star become a major interventionary device?

These men only care about their image. A well-timed trip to rehab is a publicist’s way of performing CPR to their career. They slink off to facilities where they are taught that it is not because they are bad people, but a biological flaw that has caused them to devastate their wives. Bull. Shit.

As you can tell, it’s not an issue that’s going to give me back pain from sitting on the fence.


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