Toot toot! Full steam ahead- Is Lady Gaga on course for a Britney?

Posted on: March 4, 2010

Rumours are like Scottish midgies. They are everywhere, they are really, really annoying and no-one really knows where they come from. However, the rumours that are trickling down the gossip-o-sphere about Gaga are beginning to jigsaw in a slightly random way that giving them more weight than James Corden’s scales.

From her crazily-controlling behaviour at her Q shoot where she turned up four-and-a-half hours late, ranted and raved about  lighting, and insisted in having her photo taken with a dildo in her trousers (Well, we all like to look our best don’t we? And these shoots can be so long and hard)

The lead singer of the support band in her tour, Alphabeat, also commented that during the tour she had only met her once and she seemed very insecure, despite wearing a lampshade and some strategically placed band-aids out to a Tapas restaurant.

Lady Gaga works FAR too hard. I don’t wear fifteen outfits a week, let alone one evening, and performing on top of this? Plus adding MORE dates onto her already extensive tour? Fans want someone who is on top of their game and mentally-well, it’s only the media that loves a train wreck. If her fans love her they will wait.

I prescribe some Ben and Jerrys and the Glee boxset, take two of them and call us in July Free Bitch.

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