Saint Peter caught with his hand in the cookie jar. And by cookie jar I mean topless model

Posted on: March 4, 2010

Peter Andre, who has spent the past ten months bleating about waiting to meet someone special in the age-old boyband tactic to fan the flames of fat fans’ burning loins, has been Busted. Take That Katie Price! (sorry couldn’t resist).

Some attractive-after-ten-pints stylist (who also happens to get her goodies out part-time) wanted to set the record straight (and get a big fat paycheck) and was straight onto the News of the World about their three-month fling.

The details of the fling, which are too retch-inducing/cheesy to be reprinted here do sound like Peter Andre. Sade albums, chocolate body oil, candles. Pepe le Pew chic.

Cue a thousand housewives and tweenagers with broken hearts/copies of Peter Andre ‘Unconditional Love Songs’.

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