Cougar? Sabretooth tiger more like

Posted on: February 19, 2010

We’re all familiar with urban legends, but what about if one actually came true? No, not the deep fried mouse in KFC, but the casting couch. There have always been rumours that some actors and actresses are willing to do WHATEVER it takes to secure a part.

So thats why women of a certain age everywhere wanted to give a high AND low five to Sam Taylor-Wood. She managed to secure a hot 19-year old piece of boycandy to keep her 42-year old bones warm in the cold winter months. But even now as we leave winter they are still together. Why? They are having  baby. HE IS A BABY!

How many conversations will begin ‘Do you remember?…..’ and fizzle out because he was too young or her memory aint what it used to be. There is something MAJORLY wrong with having a baby with someone and you being closer in age to that baby than your other half.

Madonna, don’t get any wise ideas, just you keep your legs shut missy.

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